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B-BBEE must look beyond regulation to be effective in suppy chain procurement

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is one of the most highly regulated aspects of the South African business landscape today. The most recent changes to the regulations have both large corporate businesses and smaller businesses going back to the scorecard drawing board. Louis Coetzee, General Manager of the Ecsponent Development Fund - part of JSE-listed African financial services company Ecsponent Limited - believes this has contributed to inhibiting economic growth and stunting competitiveness in the industry.

Data-Driven Culture Creates Advantages for Global Supply Chain

Big-data analytics and other technologies are dramatically improving productivity in the global supply chain, according to a recent survey by Clear Peak Supply Chain Advisory Council.

RFID Predicted As "Killer App"

According to a new Juniper Research report, IoT in Retail: Strategies for Customer Experience, Engagement & Optimization 2017-2021, retailers will connect 12.5 Billion business assets, such as products, digital signs and Bluetooth beacons, to IoT platforms by 2021, rising from 2.7 Billion in 2016, representing a 350% increase.

Amazon looking to re-imagine shipping design

Amazon has invited some of the world’s biggest brands to its Seattle headquarters in an audacious bid to persuade them that it’s time to start shipping products directly to online shoppers and bypass chains like Wal-Mart, Target and Costco.

In Warehouses of the Future, Robots Do the Walking

Warehouse workers who used to tire themselves out walking from one end of a sprawling building to the other have new tools to do their jobs more quickly and with a lot less shoe leather: robots.

Magnetic Solutions for Warehousing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Master Magnetics (The Magnet Source®) provides supply chain and distribution solutions with a variety of workhorse magnets.  Aimed at improving efficiency and safety, these magnetic solutions will be on display at ProMat, booth S1821.

The Next Frontier for the Global Supply Chain

The Time Has Come for AI-Powered Predictive Logistics

Increase to fuel levy could hit businesses and importers hard says Investec Import Solutions

The anticipated increase in the fuel levy during the Budget Speech later this month, will not only negatively impact consumers and businesses, but also place importers under increased pressure in already challenging market conditions says Adam Orlin, Head of Investec Import Solutions.

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Drones bring benefits – and new risks

The rise of the drones has the potential to become a multi-billion dollar business. However, more drones in the skies also raise a number of new safety concerns.

Warehousing in South Africa today – and the near future

Worldwide, in the warehousing business, when future operations are discussed, the conversation is likely to be about more automation, greater variety, better systems, more integration, more efficiency and greater flexibility. The dreams, discussions and plans focus on issues such as robotics, the ‘Internet of Things’, tomorrow’s deliveries by drones, 3D printing, multi-channel fulfilment, ecommerce growth, rapid fulfilment and the need to individualise operations.

CHEP backs Modulusha poject in the Physical Internet

Logistics sustains our lifestyle and businesses activities. Physical objects are moved in containers, stored, realised, supplied and used throughout the world, allowing the globalisation of world trade. But there is still a harsh fact to be solved due to the inefficiency and unsustainability of the processes from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

Supply chain orchestration – people are needed to play the music

It’s easy to think supply chains consist of co-ordinated processes, enabled by cool IT, through which needed products flow smoothly with occasional storage to the end consumer. Great in theory but it takes the right people doing the right things at the right time to make end customers happy.

Africa: the giant IS awakening – seriously

September saw the respective international conferences of two major supply chain management industry bodies – that of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA, in Taipei) and that of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT, in Dubai). At both gatherings there was substantial African representation and, at the CILT Convention, Africans were in a clear majority. What does this imply for African businesses?


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