DPS South Africa reaches for the “CLOUD” with new web-based Route Optimisation Software

DPS International with head office in the UK, is a leading global developer of route optimisation software who has won various prestigious awards in recent years with the RouteOptimiser Cloud system. DPS’s interests in Africa were looked after by CargoWare, a division of the JSE listed logistics company Cargo Carriers Ltd for more than a decade. The decision was made last year to split away from Cargo Carriers and to resurrect DPS South Africa as totally independent business.
Charel Schickerling is the new Managing Director of the South African business after more than a decade long association with Cargo Carriers. He says: “The decision to split away from Cargo Carriers has been a very positive one as it opened so many doors for us with other logistics service providers. In the past it was extremely difficult to deal with some of these companies due to the perceived risk of dealing with your opposition and sharing some very sensitive customer and operational information”

Cloud Technology

The development of the web-based RouteOptimiser Cloud system started in the UK as far back as 2006 which gave DPS a solid advantage above most of the opposition products who only recently started Cloud based solutions in earnest. Paul Palmer, the founder and current chairman of DPS International (which he founded in 1982) had the vision early enough to go this route. So much so that Paul won the UK award in 2013 as “Digital Entrepreneur of the Year”

In the past, software of this nature has been extremely expensive and really only affordable to the big corporates with huge budgets. The internet speed and bandwidth in South Africa made it impossible a few years back to even attempt to launch any web based technology. This has improved in leaps and bounds with the new sea cables and we are well up there with European standards and still to improve. The web based solutions needs only an internet connection and provides for the smallest of operators access to the very same functionality and features that was only available to the privileged few. Schickerling states: “Our smallest customer is a little Import/Export business in the centre of Johannesburg who has one salesperson and one delivery vehicle. The RouteOptimiser Cloud has been deployed and the owner plans his deliveries as well as the salesperson calls on a daily basis using this technology. He needs to save ONLY 200 kilometres a month for the system to pay for itself”


The RouteOptimiser Cloud optimises the operation on three levels namely:

  • Distance – the most economical routes are chosen using a combination of time and distance and street level maps
  • Capacity – the loading capacity of the vehicle is optimised in terms of the load unit which could be combinations of Tonnes; Cubic Metres; Pallets; Litres; Crates; etc. 
    • Time – the system optimises time and relates to the following elements:
    • Shift times
    • Client opening and closing times
    • Booking slots 
    • Loading and off-loading times
    • Average driving time between calls; etc
The typical benefits of using the system is the reduction in overall distances travelled, reduction in fleet sizes; lower overtime expenses; reducing additional 3rd party rentals; improved turn-around times and overall customer service levels. We have case studies and practical examples of typical savings of between 10 and 15% but often in excess of 25%.

Schickerling comments: “In modern business times and the pressures that management endures in such competitive environments, it is sad to see that some professional managers still would leave it up to the driver to decide where he wants to go and which sequence his deliveries will be done. When confronted, the typical defence is always that ‘we have tracking systems so we can see exactly where the vehicles are at any time of day or night’ but the big question is: ‘Do you know where the vehicle was supposed to be?’”

Contact details

Charel Schickerling
Office: 011 482 6412
Mobile: 083 384 6405
Date: 11 Mar 2015


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